Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pembroke College, Cambridge

This is one of the colleges hosting the PKP program here at Cambridge. The other college is King's College. The Pembroke Hall is where I eat my meals, and I study quite a bit at the Pembroke Library. Christopher Wren (any Londoners who don't know that name by now obviously didn't appreciate the wonderful David Brady's lectures) built the chapel here at Pembroke, and I believe it was one of his first projects, if not his first. The grounds at Pembroke are beautiful! I think the grass there is actually greener than the King's grass. The King's grass has suffered a bit with the recent heat, I'm afraid. There's a bit more shade at Pembroke.

This statue of William Pitt is just outside the library. Pitt became England's youngest Prime Minister at age 24! You may know him from the new(ish) movie Amazing Grace as William Wilberforce's friend in Parliament who had that ambitious goal. Remember him?

Here's a view of the south side of Pembroke Chapel, designed by Christopher Wren.

Along the inside west wall.

Left - dining hall. Center - clock tower of the library. Right - chapel.

My pillowcase! This is embroidered on my two pillowcases and my towel. Isn't that great? None of this "You have to bring your own towel to London" stuff. Life is good. I wonder if our bedder (the housekeeper for our rooms) would notice if I took home a pillowcase souvenir?

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  1. Oh, good ol' Christopher. How I miss his edifices...