Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to London

Last Saturday I went to London just for a day trip with about 50 other PKP (Pembroke-King's Programme) people. It was fun to realize that I knew my way around really well. It surprised me how comfortable I felt in such a big city that had overwhelmed me during my first week there. Perhaps I'm more of a city girl than I thought I was...

As I predicted might happen, I saw a lot of repeats, including St. James' Park and Buckingham Palace. But I saw something else that made the entire trip worth it - the Houses of Parliament! The inside of the Houses of Parliament are exactly how I imagined they would be from looking at the outside: ornate, decorative, and intricate. What I wasn't expecting was how colorful everything was (excluding the rooms for the House of Commons). Technically, the Houses of Parliament are in Westminster Palace. So it's no surprise that the inside is decorated like a palace. No picture-taking allowed, as usual, but there are plenty of pictures on the web to make up for it.

After the tour of the Houses of Parliament, we went to the Globe to see I Henry IV. I saw it with my London program, so this was another repeat experience. But it was worth it! First, the loud noise we were warned of that occurred in the second act actually happened this time, and Falstaff did a few things different that made me admire his comic acting even more. After the show, we went to Covent Garden for dinner and to watch some street performing.

Me + camera in London = (inevitably) lots of pictures. Here's a glimpse:

The morals of the story:

I have good memories of London town!
Sometimes foregoing efficiency/functionality for splendour (yes, "-our") is a good choice.

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