Tuesday, July 27, 2010

East Anglia - Norwich and Cromer

The day started at 7:10. Forgot my camera! Luckily, my gracious friends let me sprint back to get it. A good sweat was a great way to start off a wonderful day.

In Norwich, we saw a beautiful cathedral:

went to a castle/museum (I really didn't take too many pictures there. Not too impressed. Sorry!), and played in the market and little antique stores:

Then we decided that North Sea beach sounded good. We hopped on the train to Cromer, and an hour later, this is what we saw:

The day didn't end quite as smoothly as planned. Our nice 10:45 pm arrival time back in Cambridge turned into 1:15 am, and it got colder. Some of us hadn't planned for cold. But we ended up finding (and eating rather quickly) some really good brownies because of our forced layover of sorts in Norwich. Good food, good company, good day.

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