Monday, June 21, 2010

Westminster Abbey

This is a beautiful, beautiful place. We'd been by here before, but it wasn't open for tours. The Poet's Corner was my favorite place inside. After seeing only a few of the numerous names of famous authors buried there my eyes started to water. It was so overwhelming to think that the people who wrote the curriculum of English classes in schools all over the world, who inspire the minds of readers and writers, and who searched to find truth in math, science, history and life are buried right there. It's almost like walking through the Salt Lake Cemetery and finding the headstones of the prophets. Almost. Here's pictures from the earlier day when we couldn't go inside:

Jenny was still here that day!

They're just pictures of the outside because you can't take pictures inside. Inside is beautiful too. It's interesting to compare Westminster Abbey to St. Paul's Cathedral - they serve similar purposes, but they look very different. Where St. Paul's is stone and full of light, Westminster is darker, with candles and lots of wood. Both fantastic in their own ways.

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