Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Days in London

It was weird to be with a group of people who mostly went home last Saturday when I'm not even halfway done with my time here in England. Many people were checking things off their lists and trying to fit in as much as they could in the time they had left, whereas I was telling myself "You still have 9 more weeks to fit in your suitcase. Slow down." I started making a mental list of the places I'd been more than once to get a feel for what I liked most. Here is the list:

Hatchards bookstore: 3 times

Sherlock Holmes Museum Store: 4 times (It's on Baker Street anyway, about 2 minutes away from the college)

Fortnum & Mason: 2 times

Hard Rock Cafe: 2 times

St. Paul's Cathedral: 3 times

The Globe: 2 times

Westminster Abbey/surrounding area: 3 times

Regent's Park grounds: more than I can count. Multiple times each day.

The Old Vic: 2 times (second time a bit better than the first)

Lyceum Theatre, trying to get Lion King tickets and then actually going to Lion King: 3 times (I think)

Baker Street Tube Station: At least twice a day, every day.

Walking past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament: about 100 times less than I would have liked.

Kensington Gardens: 2 times

And then there's places I'd have liked to go back at least one more time:

The British Museum

Stratford (not London, I know. I actually might go back there this week! I'm only about a 20-minute train ride away...)

Bath (also not London)

Buckingham Palace (maybe to see some of the inside come August...)

Nando's (really good chicken restaurant - I think it was Brazilian)

The National Portrait Gallery


And that's all I can think of right now. I won't make a list of things I didn't see and want to, because that could go on forever. I'm convinced that you can never run out of things to do or places to see in London. Even if you've seen it before, being with the right people can make anything fun and exciting. Here's to great friends in the London group and many happy memories!

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