Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kathryn's Guide to Having a Cold in London:

1. Accept the fact that while beautiful London is outside your door, staying inside and taking a nap is ok.

2. Also know that there is no Mucinex at the Boots down the street.

3. One person in the dorm gets sick, you all get sick. Fortunately, this means that you know by observing all the other girls that after your cold progresses to a cough, the worst is over.

4. Of course it will rain the days you get sick. This either means that you don't feel as bad for staying inside to get better, or it means that you feel even more miserable while going on the mostly-outside Tower of London tour. Luckily, you brought an umbrella.

5. You won't feel like taking many pictures, especially of yourself. I think this is the one and only picture of me I have from the past few days. We're at the Tower of London. It was so cool! I couldn't stop thinking about how fun it would be to take all my Harmon cousins there. All the guys would love the beefeaters, the torture chamber and the armor, while the girls and I would walk several times down the moving sidewalk that moves past the crown jewels. Who knew there could be so much sparkly beautifulness in one building?

More pictures of the Tower:

Some house fronts inside. I think this is where the royal family would have stayed while here at the Tower. Now, I believe this is where the beefeaters live with their families. If anyone knows differently, feel free to pipe in. Don't you love the bright blue doors?

Our beefeater tour guide, Peter. The E II R on the front of his outfit means Elizabeth II Regina. Beefeaters are also body guards of the queen.

A view of the outside. The grass is where the moat used to be. So much history here!

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