Monday, June 21, 2010

The British Museum has not lost its charm

For those of you who don't understand this reference, please note the lyrics to "A Foggy Day," sung by Frank Sinatra and Michal Buble, among others:

"A foggy day in London town, It had me low, and it had me down. I viewed the morning with much alarm. The British Museum had lost it's charm."

The British Museum is really big, like most museums in London. I'm sure we only saw about 1/12th of it. The take-away message for me was "Holy cow - these things are OLD!" We saw the Egyptian exhibit with things from 1280 BC. BC! One of my favorite things was that I could take pictures! So, as usual, I took way too many. Here are just a few:

I really enjoyed the exhibits on the vikings. There were even displays with pirate and viking hoards! People actually did steal and bury treasure! I think this case shows some of the viking tools:

There was a series of rooms dedicated to the remains of the Parthenon:

Here's a statue of Ramses II. Jonathan, you would have loved these! All the Egyptian stuff is so cool, and the statues are gigantic:

Here's the roof leading from the entrance into the galleries. That's the sky you see beyond the roof. There was a plane flying in the sky, and I tried desperately to find it with my camera, but I failed. It would have made such a cool picture!

The front of the museum:

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