Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Approaching...

August the 21st is coming right around the corner of the weekend. 3 full days in Ireland, 2 final papers, finally being a proper tourist in Cambridge, finally going to tea at Grantchester and the packing process are the plans for the week. I'd say it's a pretty good agenda.

Today's update: 1:30-6 found me in the Cambridge Union Society writing 3 essays and 3 short essays with a 30 minute break. As a result, I won't be writing by hand for a while. However, if you'd like to know anything about the biographies and life writing of the Bloomsbury group, the dramatic significance of the dead in Hamlet, and certain comic situations in As You Like It, I'm your girl.

I did manage to see a bit more of Cambridge over the last few weeks .

Haven't been inside yet, but this is the Scott Polar Research Institute, founded in 1920 as a memorial to Cap. Robert Falcon Scott and the other four members of his crew who lost their lives returning from the South Pole in 1912.

Then there's the Round Church, which is right in front of the Cambridge Union Society, where we have classes. The most exciting thing about this was the movie playing inside about all the intellectuals who have come in and out of Cambridge.

Next, let's jump into the air 94 feet to the top of King's College Chapel. Here, we can see the Great Court with the dining hall running up the left and the Gibbs Building running down the right,
A bit of Clare College,

The River Cam next to the King's College grounds (Bodley's Court on the left),

And then just a pretty view with many buildings I don't know:

St. John's College is one of the richest colleges here at Cambridge. It was founded in 1511 by the same woman who founded Christ's College: Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII.

The Bridge of Sighs runs through St. John's College. I didn't get to walk over it because it's a private bridge. (sigh) I did get a picture though:

Looking forward to seeing more colleges next week!

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